Tuesday, November 27, 2007

i'm back from vietnam. =)

had a really fun and fufilling trip.

think the biggest learning point about this trip for me is about being strong and being contented.

for a singaporean city kid, the latter seems a little difficult but maybe when we see how others live so satisfied lives with whatever they've got, we'll think twice. i know i would think twice next time.

this trip is really a turning point in my life. i think friendship that is fostered through an overseas trip like that is really strong. i really hope this isn't a cuz-the-trip-just ended-not-long-ago phase. i hope it lasts. forever. even if you dun seem to believe in this word.

what we did at vietnam.

1) travelling.
loads of travelling. flight bus train walk run hike jeep bike boat kayak. did all that. =) the 1st day we arrived at hanoi airport, we started a 10 over hour long bus ride to bac ha. when we retured we took a 3hr+ bus ride and we were stuck in the mountains cuz they were blasting the roads. then took a overnight train back to hanoi. changed to bus again and travelled another 3hrs to halong bay. i think the 12-13 days we were day at least 3 days was pure travelling. the 1st few days we hiked up the mountains. subsequently towards the last few working days, we jeeped or motorbiked up.
2) we successfully built a kindergarten from cement, sand and bricks.

the interaction with the children during the building phase was good. some of the children hike up the mountains everyday just to go to school. we took 1hr for that hike. we made this little beads bracelet thing with them too and they were really happy.

we also visited the kids from the previous worksite, and we played games with them and when they smile, we smile. we also interacted with the workers, they werent all friendly at the start because we couldnt understand each other. but towards the end, i thought we built a rather good rapport.

when work started to become mundane, we self entertained. =) our skill are TOTALLY good. haha.

3) went to halong bay.

halong bay is quite a nice place in vietnam. we had a whole boat to ourself and the boat ride was slow relaxing and enjoyable. =). we visited surprising cave and went kayaking too. after which we checked in to this beautiful 4star hotel, morning star hotel, and we headed down to the beach for a great game of frisbee. i totally miss vietnam now.

4) shopping.

we did this on 3 different occasions. one at the bac ha sunday market, two at the night market and three at hanoi central. i think the stuffs were all about the same. the vietnamese food was good though. they had really nice spring roll, the vietnamese style kind. noodle soup was not bad. pancake with banna and chocolate sauce is good too! I WANT VEGEBLE! haha.

i'm miss tiger, our tour guide. he speaks really cute english. "anybody want more instant noodle soup with VEGEBLE? PICK up your hand and JUT order!" super cute, and he is the most handsome guy we saw in vietnam. not forgetting his super perfect centre parting. haha. =P.

we had a really nice place to live in too, comfortable blankets and nice toilets. twi, the hostess was really nice and she cried when we left. ='(.

i'm really greatful to be able to go on this trip and all the memories i'll preserve in my journal and in those 24 notes.

MS WONG. the teacher who doesnt seem like a teacher. and claims im her boyfriend when she's getting married!
MR LIM. mortal. super knowledgable fatherly figure. super lame too.
NURUL. expedition leader.
CEYONG. asst. expedition leader.

YEELING. secretary/treasurer.
YUTING. pub head.
HUIMIN. programmes head.
CHERYL. log head.
JEANNETTE. food comm head.
CINDY. soci-cultural head. weee!
BINDY. best inmate!
ADELE. fellow pub comm member.
JOYCE. dance coordinator.
SOPHIA. she kissed me for a superman plaster.
SIJIA. taitai.
GERALDINE. i'll never know her type of music. haha.
CAROLYN. laopo's buddy, the sentimental one.
JAMES. the gung-ho guy.
SENG YANG. i wore his indian costume in his place. the sku pants super shiok!
JOHN. singing partner. video man.

all this people i'll never forget. lets maybe go for another expedition tgt again!